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How to Deal with Your Mother's Refusal for Health Treatment and Try for Consent

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

For the last six months, my mother has been coughing and struggling with her breathing.

The doctor prescribed the use of oxygen at night. At the first mention of oxygen therapy, my mother scoffed at her doctor's advice.

She was concerned about the noise from the oxygenator and the perceived discomfort from wearing the tubing and cannula which might make her ability to sleep more difficult. She reminded us of her daily trouble with sleep because of the consistent spasms she experienced each night from multiple sclerosis.

While I understood her concern, I, along with her doctor, urged her to reconsider her position. The doctor explained the importance of being treated with additional oxygen and implored her to tolerate the inconvenience of the noise and tubing because of the expected health benefits it could bring.