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"I'm committed to making sure you, as a caregiver, have an easy and comprehensive "go to source" for information, experienced advice, and community support. 

This support was painstakingly built during my caregiving journey."

- Elisabeth Logan


Meet Elisabeth Logan

For the past 20 years, I have been a full-time primary caregiver for my mother as she transitioned from pre-diagnoses to a "total care" patient.  She receives more than thirty hours of caregiver support for bathing, dressing, meal prep, bed prep, and personal care in my home.  Through sharing blogs, resources, and creating a supportive community, I would like to use my experience to assist you in gaining the knowledge, support, and comfort necessary to ensure that your loved one receives the best care possible.      

My Story


My mother has always been an independent, self-sufficient woman who prides herself in taking opportunities head on.  My parents divorced while I was in middle school and my mother moved to another city to find work.  I stayed behind and lived with my father.  After thirty years of living apart in different cities, my mother moved back to be closer to me.

At first, I noticed startling mental changes which triggered me to seek professional help on her behalf.  My mother could not see any changes in herself and, as I began to push for her to seek medical care, the tension grew between us.  Due to her resistance to seeking medical help, it took a few years for us to receive her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. 

Shortly after, I moved my mother in with me.   She now receives the daily support that she needs in my home.  

Elisabeth Logan_r.jpg

During this journey I have had to learn and help my mother to make a myriad of financial, legal, and health care decisions.  I fully understand the wide range of emotional, mental, and financial adjustments that come with becoming an unexpected caregiver for a loved one.  One of my challenges has been to do what is best for her while considering what is best for my own personal needs.  I eventually learned that it's possible to do both.  

The goal of founding Our Caregiving Journey is to help reduce the impact of your learning curve, encourage you to consider your own needs as the primary caregiver, as well as the needs of your loved one, and support you with a compassionate and understanding tribe of caregivers.  

Over the course of this journey, I have grown personally and professionally from an experienced salesperson to a sales manager.  I have traveled internationally and domestically.  I have a real estate license to feed my passion for improving our community.  And I have a strong passion to inform and support others to hopefully lighten the load and make a difference in others' lives.  I have also explored the privilege of assisting those who have taken on a caregiving role to better manage their responsibilities and become and advocate for their loved one through coaching and consultative services.  

I live with my 86-year-old mother, and my two cats, Autumn and Tink. I love to read, write, travel, hike and spend time with close family and friends.

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